Friday, 28 November 2014


Well this is Roopayan Ghosh, an otaku like me who is going to write occasional anime reviews on my blog. Besides being an ardent anime fan, trust me on this one- he is a true genius. He is currently pursuing his masters from IIT Bombay in physics and he is really an awesome guy

Anime:-Kokoro connect

Genre:- Romance/Slice of life/Supernatural
No. of Episodes-13+4OVAs
Rating:- Animation-10, Music-9, Story-8, Characters-10, Enjoyment-10(Yeah another whooping 47/50)

This one is one seriously underrated anime, maybe because of the “too useful for developing the characters storyline”. While that is a major fault with this anime, one cannot help but marvel at the fact that everything else was exemplary
The animation is brilliant, the colours used are vivid and bring out the mood of the scene perfectly. The opening music is very beautiful, the in-show music pretty decent as well. As i said before, the story is where Kokoro connect falls short. It kind of feels incomplete even after the 4 OVAs. They dont tell you why the things started happening the way they did. I guess the creators wanted to focus on the characters solely and created a plot to bring out the best in them. Thats not usually how a plot is decided and so many watchers have a bone of contention to pick with this anime. That being said the characters of the anime are so brilliantly managed that it becomes a masterpiece. Each character has a past that haunts them, the past is not your ususla “dark” past all the time. Its a past that may be a past of you and me. The feelings of the characters are feeling of many us experience during school life. That makes you connect to kokoro connect the name is very apt. And of course I enjoyed this anime very much.

Verdict:- this anime is guaranteed to make you have the feel trip. The characters are brilliantly executed to the point that this anime could become a masterpiece is the slice of life genre like Anohana or Clannad. The story drags it slightly. Still a must watch anime for lovers of these genre and people new to this genre.
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