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1. CAT: 1994

Directions for Questions 1 to 10: From the alternatives, choose the one which correctly classifies the four sentences as a:
          F  :  Fact           : if it relates to a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true,
          I   :  Inference   : if it is a logical conclusion or deduction about something, based on the knowledge of facts,
          J  :  Judgement : if it is an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention.

1.      A.  If India has embarked on the liberalization route, she cannot afford to go back.
         B.  Under these circumstances, being an active supporter of WTO policies will be a good idea.
         C.  The WTO is a truly global organization aiming at freer trade.
         D.  Many member countries have already drafted plans to simplify tariff structures.
         1.      FJFI                      2.      IFJF                  3.      IJFF                    4.      IFIF

2.      A.  The Minister definitely took the wrong step.
         B.  Under the circumstances, he had many other alternatives.
         C.  The Prime Minister is embarrassed due to the Minister’s decision.
         D.  If he has put the government in jeopardy, the Minister must resign.
         1.      JFFI                      2.      IFJI                   3.      FFJI                    4.      IFIJ

3.      A.  The ideal solution will be to advertise aggressively.
         B.  One brand is already popular amongst the youth.
         C.  Reducing prices will mean trouble as our revenues are already dwindling.
         D.  The correct solution will be to consolidate by aggressive marketing.
         1.      JFIJ                       2.      FJJI                  3.      IJFF                     4.      JJIF

4.      A.  If democracy is to survive, the people must develop a sense of consumerism.
         B.  Consumerism has helped improve the quality of goods in certain countries.
         C.  The protected environment in our country is helping the local manufacturers.
         D.  The quality of goods suffers if the manufacturers take undue advantage of this.
         1.      IJFJ                       2.      JFJI                  3.      IJJF                      4.      IFJJ

5.      A.  Unless the banks agree to a deferment of the interest, we cannot show profits this year.
         B.  This would not have happened had we adopted a stricter credit scheme.
         C.  The revenues so far cover only the cost and salaries.
         D.  Let us learn a lesson: we cannot make profits without complete control over credit.
         1.      IIJF                       2.      IJFI                   3.      FJIF                     4.      FJFI

6.      A.  Qualities cannot be injected into one’s personality.
         B.  They are completely dependent on the genetic configuration that one inherits.
         C.  Hence changing our inherent traits is impossible as the genes are unalterable.
         D.  The least one can do is to try and subdue the ‘bad qualities’.
         1.      FIJI                       2.      JFFI                  3.      JFIJ                     4.      JIFI

7.      A.  Everything is purposeless.
         B.  Nothing before and after the existence of the universe is known with certainty.
         C.  Man is a part of the purposeless universe, hence man is also purposeless.
         D.  There is only one way of adding purpose to this universe: Union with Him.
         1.      JFIJ                       2.      FJJI                  3.      JFFI                     4.      IJFJ

8.      A.  Everyday social life is impossible without interpersonal relationships.
         B.  The root of many misunderstandings has been cited in poor relations among individuals.
         C.  Assuming the above to be true, social life will be much better if people understand the importance of good interpersonal relations.
         D.  A study reveals that interpersonal relations and life in general can be improved with a little effort on the part of individuals.
         1.      FJIJ                       2.      JFIF                  3.      FIFJ                    4.      IFFJ

9.      A.  The prices of electronic goods are falling.
         B.  Since we have substantial reductions in import duties, this is obvious.
         C.  The trend is bound to continue in the near future.
         D.  But the turnover of the electronic industry is still rising, because the consumers are increasing at a rapid rate.
         1.      IFJF                      2.      FJII                   3.      FIJF                    4.      JIFF

10.    A.  In the past, it appears, wealth distribution, and not wealth creation has dominated economic policy.
         B.  Clearly, the government has not bothered to eradicate poverty.
         C.  Today’s liberalization is far from the hitherto Nehruvian socialism.
         D.  Results are evident in the form of a boom in the manufacturing sector output and turnover of all industries.
         1.      FJIF                      2.      FIFJ                  3.      IJIF                     4.      JIFF 

2. CAT: 2006

Directions for Questions 1 to 5: Each question has a set of four sequentially ordered statements. Each statement can be classified as one of the following:
         -Facts, which deal with pieces of information that one has heard, seen, or read, and which are open to discovery or verification (the answer option indicates such a statement with an ‘F’). 
         -Inferences, which are conclusions drawn about the unknown, on the basis of the known (the answer option indicates such a statement with an ‘I’).
         -Judgements, which are opinions that imply approval or disapproval of persons, objects, situations and occurrences in the past, the present or the future (the answer option indicates such a statement with a ‘J’).
Select the answer option that best describes the set of four statements.

1.      1.  According to all statistical indications, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has managed to keep pace with its ambitious goals.
         2.  The Mid-day Meal Scheme has been a significant incentive for the poor to send their little ones to school, thus establishing the vital link between healthy bodies and healthy minds.
         3.  Only about 13 million children in the age group of 6 to 14 years are out of school.
         4.  The goal of universalisation of elementary education has to be a pre-requisite for the evolution and development of our country.
         1.      IIFJ                       2.      JIIJ                    3.      IJFJ                    4.      IJFI                    5.      JIFI

2.      1.  We should not be hopelessly addicted to an erroneous belief that corruption in India is caused by the crookedness of Indians.
         2.  The truth is that we have more red tape—we take eighty-nine days to start a small business, Australians take two.
         3.  Red tape leads to corruption and distorts a people’s character.
         4.  Every red tape procedure is a point of contact with an official, and such contacts have the potential to become opportunities for money to change hands.
         1.      JFIF                      2.      JFJJ                   3.      JIJF                    4.      IFJF                   5.      JFJI

3.      1.  So much of our day-to-day focus seems to be on getting things done, trudging our way through the tasks of living—it can feel like a treadmill that gets you nowhere; where is the childlike joy?
         2.  We are not doing the things that make us happy; that which brings us joy; the things that we cannot wait to do because we enjoy them so much.
         3.  This is the stuff that joyful living is made of—identifying your calling and committing yourself wholeheartedly to it.
         4.  When this happens, each moment becomes a celebration of you; there is a rush of energy that comes with feeling completely immersed in doing what you love most.
         1.      IIIJ                        2.      IFIJ                   3.      JFJJ                    4.      JJJJ                    5.      JFII

4.      1.  Inequitable distribution of all kinds of resources is certainly one of the strongest and most sinister sources of conflict.
         2.  Even without war, we know that conflicts continue to trouble us—they only change in character.
         3.  Extensive disarmament is the only insurance for our future; imagine the amount of resources that can be released and redeployed.
         4.  The economies of the industrialized western world derive 20% of their income from the sale of all kinds of arms.
         1.      IJJI                       2.      JIJF                    3.      IIJF                    4.    JIIF                      5.      IJIF

5.      1.  Given the poor quality of service in the public sector, the HIV/AIDS affected should be switching to private initiatives that supply anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) at a low cost.
         2.  The government has been supplying free drugs since 2004, and 35000 have benefited up to now— though the size of the affected population is 150 times this number.
         3.  The recent initiatives of networks and companies like AIDSCare Network, Emcure, Reliance-Cipla-CII, would lead to availability of much-needed drugs to a larger number of affected people.
         4.  But how ironic it is that we should face a perennial shortage of drugs when India is one of the world’s largest suppliers of generic drugs to the developing world.
         1.      JFIJ                      2.      JIIJ                     3.      IFIJ                    4.      IFFJ                    5.      JFII



1. CAT: 1994

1.   (3)                          2.   (1)                              3.   (1)                                4.    (2)                              5.    (2)
6.   (3)                          7.    (1)                               8.   (2)                                9.   (3)                             10.   (1)
2. CAT: 2006

       1.   (3)                           2.   (5)                                  3.   (4)                                  4.   (2)                             5.   (1)

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