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Well this is Roopayan Ghosh, an otaku like me who is going to write occasional anime reviews on my blog. Besides being an ardent anime fan, trust me on this one- he is a true genius. He is currently pursuing his masters from IIT Bombay in physics and he is really an awesome guy

This is him, the man, the genius, the otaku describing himself:-
 I am a guy who was introduced into the anime world via Dragonballz, Pokemon and Naruto, though I became an avid watcher sometime in the beginning of this year. However, its not like I sit in front of my lappy all day and watch anime, I enjoy going out and playing cricket, football, travelling to enjoy nature's beauty etc. I always believe the more things you are able to enjoy, the happier you can be in life!


Anime:- Eureka Seven

Genre:- Action, Romance, Mecha, Adventure

No. of Episodes:-50
My Rating:- Animation-9, Music-9,Story-9.5,Characters-9.5, Enjoyment-10(47/50)

Firstly, the animation is very good, the movements of characters are very smooth, the flying is very well choreographed. The music is pretty decent too. At least two of the Openings caught my attention. However Eureka Seven excels in the brilliant storyline and characters. Keeping the watcher hooked for 50 odd episodes is no mean feat. The characters develop well, specially the two main characters. This is where it betters last exile. The last exile developed the characters in sudden bursts while here the character development occurs smoothly. The storyline too was more interesting than last exile. What i complain about in this anime is the ending. It was very cheezy for me. No matter how many times I rewatch the ending I go, “ehhh, this is way too much”. Love triumphs everything, we have been fed this so many times in anime that it sometimes gets irritating. And this one does not even try to sugar coat this pill, thats where my objection lies. However at the very end the anime redeems itself, by leaving an open ending and not going for the ususal happy ending. And of course this was a very enjoyable experience.

Verdict:- A must watch anime for any action/romance lover. It is a classic in its own right. It beautifully shows what could happen if two intelligent species coexist in a planet and love between two separate species. So you guys can definitely go for it.

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