Friday, 28 November 2014


Well this is Roopayan Ghosh, an otaku like me who is going to write occasional anime reviews on my blog. Besides being an ardent anime fan, trust me on this one- he is a true genius. He is currently pursuing his masters from IIT Bombay in physics and he is really an awesome guy

Anime:- Pandora Hearts
Genre:- Action/Fantasy/Shounen(hints of romance)
No. of Episodes:-25
Rating:- Animation-9, Music-10, Story-9, Characters-8.5,Enjoyment-9(45.5/50)
I had 3 false starts with this anime. It was the fourth one that got me hooked completely. It is a pretty standard anime, but it punches above its weight due to the artwork and Yuki Kaijura!
The animation is pretty good. Some of it are a bit disturbing(Not as much as Madoka Magica though), but the mood of the story is excellently portrayed. The music, oh the music!. Its the best I have heard after GC and Angel Beats! This is probably the best of Yuki Kaijura I have heard. Fate/Zero was brilliant but, it had a good story so the music wasnot that much an integral part. But here it is almost as if the music carries the entire story.(Actually, literally it does but thats a different issue). The story is by no means bad though. It is highly intriguing and edge of the seat material. However, somehow I felt there was room for improvement. The characters are well sketched but somehow since they felt incompletely developed. They left an open ending, so I guess there is a manga where later there is more development. And after getting through to the 4 th episode I marathoned it in one go!
Verdict:- A great anime which can be watched for the opening song and background score itself.(Even while marathoning I never skipped the OP, it was that good,at the levels of FMAB Op 1 ) The story though incomplete has a satisfactory ending and its guaranteed to keep you hooked. This one should not be missed!

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