Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Who called Truth “truth”?

Now there i was waiting at the railway station at Uttarpara waiting for the train to arrive..The heat kinda played games with my already spent mind as dreams of sleeping with the A.C on soothened me a bit..A cucumber,which i bought for 4 rupees found its way into my burning stomach and pacified me as finally the creaking voice announced  the probable arrival of the Howrah-Bandel local..And then the train arrived,the mundane screeching sound and the hype of passengers egging in as the train lurched forwards...

You might be thinking that it is the same old story that we face almost everyday as we continue to drudge through  our lives..but wait!read on...

As i was saying i got up and squeezed myself or rather sandwiched myself between a boy and an overgrown man and dusted myself a seat by the window..Wiping the beads of sweat from my face with my wet,soiled handkerchief,i gulped down the hot water which scorched my throat instead of quenching my thirst but hey! when you don't have water and you need water,you drink whatever you get,after all during some circumstances :"Beggars can't be choosers!"..Any way humour aside,the train picked up pace and instead of delving in my thoughts i decided to observe the people around me.

My attention was first drawn by a boy of three (probably,i guessed).Clad in a white shirt and red trousers,he looked as sweet as a jalebi and as cute as a teddy bear..His eyes were large,and they wandered from place to place.Sparkling with unshackled curiousity,he looked with surprise to the people on the opposite seat who tried to animate him with "babysome" words.What i found intriguing was the fact that the boy neither laughed or cried but looked at these strangers with rapt attention as if a problem was being explained to him.I thought : "Maybe in babies lie an untold power of looking through people and their deeds.Innocence is always armoured with inner strength,the strength being invisible in case of the boy."..The boy's eyes crossed mine and suddenly for no particular reason whatsoever i felt a sudden chill..Now whether the chill was from the heat or being scanned by his eyes-that's a thing to ponder..

Any way my sight took an arch to the left side of the compartment where a young man,round faced, about 23,gazed the passing fields outside.He wore a blue t-shirt carrying the tag : "Be Human" (probably a fan of Salman khan)..The man had a good head of hair but looked too tense to be handsome.A shroud of black vibes emanated from him as if the God of Depression had done voodoo to make him pay.Then a phone call followed and the already tense exterior took a turn for the worse as his brown hands clasped his withering face in agony.Sunlight reflected on a drop of tear and showed me the signs of him breaking down.Here i must say that,he did a good job of covering himself up.And my schematic brain started thinking of ways to logic out a cause : "Maybe it was a break-up (the usual boring stuff ) or maybe the death of a close one..Or failure in an exam,or embarrassment,or......" I decided to stop cause i realised that it was futile to aim for the bull's eye when i was blindfolded..My eyes let him go out of their prison walls and a new victim now confronted me on the seat just infront of me.

This specific "Mr.X" was really mysterious.Age had won the "battle of hairs" with him and he was almost bald.A bag was slung over his shoulder and if i was not mistaken he was suffering from O.C.D(Obssessive Compulsive Disorder)..Taking out a book he kept glancing through a specific page,kept in inside,fingered in the air as if to say "Hocus Pocus" and then with folded arms protected the bag as if it was his baby.Now this following set of action was repeated so frequently that i can even tell you that the page number was 49.Two times more and maybe i could tell you about the contents. Occassionally,he smiled at me,probably figuring my neatly-shielded eccentricity..I hesitated but smiled back,then stopped as the image of "monkey" floated in my head from nowhere and i grinned.

The hawkers left no stones unturned in providing a good check of hearing for my ears as incessant shouting hurt my eardrums.The smell of sweat created a stuffy atmosphere and although the compartment was only half-full,i felt as if we were packed like sardines.
Some bravehearts or "show-offs" stood leaning by the door,the moving train invited the air to flutter their hair,and i saw them feeling to themselves as if they were superheroes.After all speed,heat,movement are all fantastic catalysts to hormonal secretion (adrenaline)..

Finally the train halted at Bandel and i wheezed off the train ,again with a cucumber to cool the pre-set thinking which would otherwise set me thinking for some minutes to come..After all a mouth-watering dish of red meat awaited my arrival and i had already heard its imaginary call from miles away.You see you can't keep me and meat apart
Well the world is as you see it.There's loads of angles to see stuff,provided you are ready to change the cover of your eye everyday and trust me it makes your inside much colourful.Always innovate life bit by bit,its not necessary that you have to be right everytime or realistic.Be grounded but also be able to lift your wings and fly.Life has gallores of colours..after all think why is it necessary to call red "red" and green "green"..Sometimes just for a change call red "green" and green "red"..its just a name and "you are what you think you are." But never let the small line between imagination and reality get blurred..
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