Sunday, 24 March 2013


A horrible pleasure….

Soon the clamour of thunder shook my very constitution, as i held onto the seat and started praying for life...But as luck would have it, the prayer line to heaven was over-clogged as prayers were evaporating from the heads from all of my fellow passengers who sort of shouted them out into the suffocating air..This was followed by heavenly flash which i took then as the arrival of God but later found was the appearance of mighty "lightning" himself on the left wing of the plane..

Flames started evolving, screams and shrieks everywhere, hypertensive hearts waiting for the inevitable end  as our plane started to dive in downwards like a professional olympic diver..If you take out the humour of my adjectives, all together it was a disastrous experience, i assure you of that....

Clouds fleeting by, luggages falling on our heads, i was too afraid to even shape my emotions to a sightable form-in short,i was spellbound with fear gripping me like Yamraj's hands..I remembered my parents back home and maybe a tear trickled down,but then,i was too curled up to even notice that..All my dreams, all my ambitions slowly disintegrating before me as the ground came closer..I did watch stories on the discovery channel before then,but let me tell you this,you can't “ever” and I repeat “ever” comprehend the feeling of being present at such a particular event, leave alone understanding it!!

Six thousand feet's feeling, and : " Mom i love you.Please don't cry for me."

Three thousand feet's treacherous chill : "Dad you were truly a fighter and inspired me a lot..If only i had the chance of letting you know that once more."

One-thousand feet's feeling : "I am sorry,my dreams..I promised you the light of the day but i couldn't give birth to you. Please forgive me",it ends with a closing of eyes and a involuntary resonance of "I am ready God!" in everyone's mind.

Believe it or not,i woke up,YES!I WOKE UP!..i didn't know how long i had been unconscious but what i was told later was that i was bulleted out of the window on the sudden impact and i fell on a utterly,kind tree who somehow considered me its baby and kept my heart beating....

Any way back to what i was saying,waking up i found myself entangled on the branch of a tree,holding on to dear life..

My first feelling : "Is this heaven?"..and then reality dawned in as i tried to move..

O!the pain! left wrist was shattered,and my triceps  all had big open lips on them and blood was gushing out..Somehow i became superman for a couple of minutes and got down, only to find that i had scratches and burns all over my drooping, tattered body ..but the bright side- "I SURVIVED!"

Now the site that awaited me, could be best described as a "BATTLEGROUND" or “HELL”...bodies lay around,severed arms,burnt faces,all together a display of hell that we read in our holy books..I looked around for other survivors and i screamed till my lungs ached..When my voice wore down,i sat down and cried and cried and cried...The little boy who was smiling at me from adjacent seat had his head severed off from his body-these images were so drastic and vivid that trust me,for a few minutes i felt that i was really unfortunate that i was alive..I began questioning God and suddenly it struck me : "Hey didn't Newton's third law speak about every action having an equal and opposite reaction? Then what was the action that caused this reaction??"..I cursed God,naming him all the expletives that i could scoop up from my angry mind at that point but later i gave in to exhaustion and slept without my approval...


The next day hunger woke me up and i realised that maybe i had to live and i was chosen to honour these lives by telling their tales..i felt that "THIS DRASTIC ACTION REQUIRED THAT REACTION OUT OF ME!"..And then the journey began,i began to use leaves for shelter,sometimes i even ate them thinking them as veggies!!..You have no idea of what a person can do when he is hungry,especially me...For two days i feasted on stuff that i normally didn't even imagine-rotting lizards,rabbits whatever i could find!!..o yes,i even made a cup out of a piece of wood and drank  the rain water that trickled on it..You see help is out there,maybe not in the forms that we are looking for in our life,but it is there in ample quantity to necessitate our existence..

After surviving three days in that place or jungle-i saw sight of the road..You see i had given up on the thought that i would be rescued but i started believing from that day,if you really want to live,then you will live..There are conditions,circumstances that aren't in our control..So take my advice-Dont even try controlling them-let them unfold to you-there will be a result,that much i can assure you…

Any way what happened after that was pretty quick-i got picked up a car,ended up in a hospital to find that i was the lone survivor in that plane crash and i lived..My wrist healed in time,i was in hospital for three weeks and i walked out on a wheel chair..It took me five months to humanise myself into being "me" know i was in a dilemma after that-i didn't know whether to to remain grateful or regret the experience altogether..


POSITIVE OUTCOME:- I got to meet my parents again and tell the world stories of those lives that were lost and a little boy who wasn't "little"...

PS- The entire work is is a figment of my imagination and does not pertain to the experience of anyone in real life..I just worded down the image that came to my mind…Hope you like it!!

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