Monday, 22 February 2016


Photo Courtesy :-SHRIMOY ROY


Life always has a way of trumpeting its force onto men. My purple tinge adds colour to the entire process 

Have always spread myself among the masses to garner respect and attention 

 The bees have always been hard workers. Strive to assist the ones who believe in work and discipline. Facilitate change and encourage a dream

 Be who you are . Adorn your colours. Be different. Walk different. Love different. Accept change in diversity

The focus shall always stay intact

 There is always hope even in  the most darkest of places.  Diamonds are found even in    the poorest of corners, the  alleys and lanes. Dream ,  dream my child for you are a  diamond like no other

 The ever encompassing spirt if  nature- let it guide you. Fill  yourself with positivity to the core. Get up. Explore

 There is a lot of stuff to learn. Widen your horizons, breathe more, see more and be receptive. The longer you wait the more you see and the better you know. Patience moves mountains and each life has a story to tell

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