Friday, 28 November 2014


Anime:- Gargantia
Genre:- mecha/sci-fi
Number of Episodes-13+2 Specials+2 OVAs (1 to be released in 2015)
Rating :- Animation:-10, Music:-8, Story-9,Characters-8.5, Enjoyment-10(45.5/50)

This is probably the “lightest” work of the Urobutcher. But it is in no ways mediocre. It offers the mecha genre something new and fresh and was a very pleasing watch. Its a pity that it has so few episodes.
The animation is just drop dead gorgeous. The character drawing is impeccable. I was drooling at the girls in this anime. They are very beautifully drawn and the colours and accessories used are superb. They create an amazing ambience. The music was also pretty good, not great though, just about par for me. The opening song did not stick with me for very long. The story is where this movie scores above its peers. The first episode opens with the usual mecha fighting aliens and just when you though tis was another “that type” of mecha anime, the story turns turtle and focuses on repercussions of creating a supposedly perfect world, an utopia. There are fights but not that many mecha on mecha fights as we expect from mecha genre anime. And that is a good thing. Because these things get boring if used too frequently. The twists in the stories come at the perfect place to maintain the viewer's attention. The characters are well sketched, but they are not Urobutchi level. However they are better than your standard anime. The humane nature of humans is well developed. And yes, it is a very enjoyable anime.

Verdict:- This should be watched. If you only like mecha on mecha fighting while watching the mecha genre, this is not for you. But if you prefer to know how a human relationship with his machines and fellow humans can develop, this anime is for you. Its a wonderful ride, to say the least about it..
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