Wednesday, 8 May 2013


My idea of a perfect world.

Though the world that i have carved for myself bears no connection with reality at all but sometimes after a tough day or a panic attack, it fuels me with the required elixir to carry on.
So come take the journey with me in my world, the world inside.

In my world there is

no particular weather. It fluctuates according to your mood .
For example- if you are gloomy, it rains and rains and lush green lawns appear before your house and the rain drops are magical.
With each falling drop the ground sparkles and shines and emits a tone, soothing the senses.

Often i lie on the expanse of greenery abounding my mansion and picture the clouds assuming shape. These shapes vary depending on my moods- ranging from the faces of my Bollywood and Hollywood crushes to the cartoons i used to see back in childhood. And i make them talk with each other and they do appear comical, seducing a laugh out of me..

The mansion in which i live there is made of solid gold. But you see, given my imaginative mind , i have added a twist. It will appear in its true state only if your heart is pure. For example i specify the rules in my world. If you have a big heart and a pure one , you might see the gold at once but as the purity lessesns, one might see the house made of pearls ,bricks, stones, wood and further cheap material. Each window is guarded by a fairy which grants you one wish per day depending upon your needs and not your wants. Once you enter the house, the landscape inside changes based on the mental condition of the one who is entering. Suppose you are scolded, rebuked and humiliated at school,home or work, here you will be pampered like anything. You will be given a professional butler to cater to your needs and will live the life of your dreams. The servants here will have the faces of the ones who were responsible for your former state. And yes,you can order them around!!

In my world dogs can speak fluently and are smarter than all other animals and is the King. I have a pet dog there called, Gordon, who doesn't lick or wag but talks to me, counsels me when i am in distress and hugs me ("pyaar ki jhappis"). He is really a good friend. Moreover the lanes are made of soft stones, a special material which is resistant to erosion but kisses your feet as they walk. The trees whisper or hum the songs of your likings and a constant breeze lulls your frame. Even the darkest man will be cured in my world. The barks of trees have faces imprinted on them and they are quite
adept at expressing themselves clearly. They don't like being touched and become invisible when idiots come to hack them.

In my world,there is no money. Being rich or poor,depends on you and you alone. The more happy you are there,the richer you become. Now it’s totally your choice as happiness is entirely a state of mind. In this world friends of your need will be formed as per your requirements and for exceptional cases,i also allow people solitude .

If people starts getting corrupted,the sky turns red and dark in disgust and Euora,The Caretaker Goddess descends and banishes them from the kingdom. In my world no one no one has ever heard about the following terms- jealousy, anger, vendetta, terror, bomb, suicide, accident etc. These stuff doesn't exist. Actually though these world is entirely fictional but of late i have been specifying stringent rules regarding the entry of individuals, because i designed it to provide me peace. There's a very thin line between imagination and reality which musn't ever be blurred. So i have backed it up with lines and sublines which prevent me from losing myself to this world which creates in you a lust for peace. You see too much peace is addictive; this is where you need a dose of reality for which i allow myself or rather the great man Life to play with my little constitution. More of this world in my future updates.
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