Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The white expanse gave way to a majestic view-a view that almost made my heart skip a beat, as i stared on, abused by surprise. But how did i come here?? All I remembered was the truck snorting towards me with pulsating beeps and then I saw darkness. OMG! Am I dead?..Is this Heaven? Frankly speaking, i didn't know what to feel then-the obnoxious realization of broken dreams that could have been substantiated were I alive, or the joy of seeing the sudden platter of carved imaginations taking form before my eyes. You see when you face such a situation where the drivers in your head put up a fight as to which road of emotion they should drive you to, you have nothing else to do other than "do nothing!" :D

Anyway a soothing wing floated me to the shade of a tree, or the King of Trees-it was humongous and had eyes and a mouth. Each leaf of the tree was as large as my face, with beautiful crypto graphical designs etched on it. It housed a wide array of fruits-apples, oranges, watermelon, grapes and one could gauge the quality of the fruits by simply glancing at them-big, sparkling in sunshine with bright colours. Yes, all fruits at the same place, you read it right!!..The leaves of the trees swayed and rustled and it appeared as if a giant lion was shaking his majestic mane in broad daylight, only the mane was deep green. I stood there open-mouthed, scanning each part of this King cause that was all that could be done-stand, admire and marvel!! Though my eyes argued with me like a child of six, still i dragged them away somehow to notice this Kingdom as its newest member.

Deep into the horizon, I saw a range of mountains, each so huge that I almost had to turn my head upwards to make a right angle in order to try and view the top..Seen Mt.Everest? well these were higher and each wore a different colour. After careful investigation it struck me that the colours followed the pattern of the rainbow-VIBGYOR..No sooner had I thought of a rainbow, a rainbow appeared and amazing as it sounds I saw kids with glittering faces slide down from the very top into a puddle of chocolate. Their faces gleamed as if they had diamonds ( Think Twilight  and Yes! These kids looked much more shinier than Edward Cullen) :P.The valley was architected by imaginations. It appeared different to different inhabitants and changed colours, patterns and weather based upon the thought pattern of its people.

As soon as the realization set in that all my imaginations would see the light of the day,there was but one thing to do-imagine!imagine!imagine!..And lo! as if the magician had waved his wand,three luxurious cars appeared out of thin air-a Mercedes,a BMW and a Audi r8..
“Yipee!!” I screamed,prancing like a colt, and went closer to examine these “beauties”..After gulping down this sheer joy,my stomach made a “grrrr” sound-well normally people would call it the call of hunger , but I called it the call of digesting too much joy and and not being able to imbibe and eat more..But somewhere in my colourful mind I might have thought of food,as I saw my favourite Chinese dishes embroidered with parsley leaves,laid on an intricated, etched platter-each piece of chicken the size of my fist..The more I ate,the more it appeared.Suddenly when I was saturated with these contemplated musings,I closed my eyes for a second and started retrospecting for no reason whatsoever!!!
Suddenly, when the lid of my eye lifted,the sight that awaited me was one that left me flabbergasted. Black balloons floated in the air,each carrying the tag name of my past failure and they were hovering and bobbing up and down in the air.I didn’t know what to do with them and was thus reduced to scratching my head..These happened for quite some time,and my deep dark secrets that I left behind in the past starting taking shape of a balloon and added to the line.This angered me and with crooked eye-brows I imagined myself a gun and ho!! A pistol lay infront..Taking it up,I shot them one by one and with every shot,I felt lighter and lighter and lighter..The last balloon took three hits and I felt like a feather,as if I was only made of flesh and no bone nor any organ..Grief let go of me and I was the King of my own self at last.

I became in plain words, “mad” for a phase after that as finally I was living in the utopia I had carved for myself!! ..Dancing with an imaginary conceived angel,I hopped,leapt and made a fun of myself,ran care free cause atlast I was in Heaven.
Free from the drudgery of daily life,
Free from pugnacious elements,
Free from politics ,
Free from pain
And above all
Free to be precocious at will.
No sooner did this  great feeling overwhelmed my stature and sent a chill run down my spine,than I felt a splash!!..And then another!!..I cleared my eyes only to find my dear mother trying to wake me up from sleep : “Get up,you idiot! Its almost 11.30am!!..How long will you sleep??”..
i woke up,sad that I hadn’t died….

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