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fight cancer


by Aritra Sen on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 1:02pm ·




Everyone gathered around room no.394-nurses, doctors,ward boys witnessing a rare conversation unfold before their eyes..teary eyed,they watched on as the atmosphere with its warming eerieness numbed everyone but two voices-a MOM was bidding farewell to her CHILD of six,her only daughter having suffered from stage 4 melanoma for quite a while..lets hear them then

MOM,suppressing her tears :"be strong,CHILD!! have to go back home and finish all those chocolates i bought for you...and then daddy's coming back from work and together we are going on a long tour to europe."

RINA: "but MOM,i'm so tired",closing her eyes, "we'll go tomorrow''

MOM,realising that its only hours before the ultimate farewell clutched on to the bed sheets and shouted: "i'm so sorry CHILD,i'm so sorry..forgive me!do forgive me!!'

Her eyes swelled up and the dam finally broke leading the water to leak from her eyes...

Bald,weak,shrivelled up,the CHILD curled up and put her hand on her chest and said:

"why are you crying,MOM? uncle said that i will be be perfectly okay and i will get to visit a new place where i'll get whatever i want..even more i will have my hair back too!!..yipee!!",with bubbling excitement…..

RINA :"MOM will you come with me?"

MOM :"yes beta,i are my heart,how can i leave you behind?"

RINA: "say MOM,i overheard the nurses uttering the word "heaven"..never heard of that place!!..ami i going there,MOM?? it any fun??",coughing persistently..

The MOM somehow gathered her broken pieces and hugged the CHILD tightly,in the hope that their states will be reversed but alas!!..

Realising life's cruel display,

 She said :" yes RINA,its a beautiful and trees are found in plenty..all of your fairy friends will be there and as you have been a gem of a daughter you will receive a pair of will be fun,won't it?? will be able to sit on grandpa moon and listen to stories about your new star friends!..and there won't be any medicines or kemo(she couldn't memorise the full "chemotherapy")..chocolates and ice-creams whenever you want and all the little dolls of the world!!"

RINA: "that's so much fun,MOM?..why are you crying MOM? will be with me na??

MOM :"yes of course!",pointing to her heart..whenever you will need me just remember me and you will find me there.”,her lips stuttered as she knew the truth..

RINA: "great!..but MOM i'm scared!!"

MOM: "why dear?"

RINA: "what is that dark-hooded man,dressed all in black doing in my room?..he's so scary!!"

suddenly the machine on the left graphed a sharp spike,followed by a beep-beep sound.."RINA!RINA!..don't sleep my CHILD,don't!!

Doctors rushed in,shoved the MOM aside and started injeckting life-saving drugs into her veins!!..

Tension crept in,tears continued  flowing,the weather thick with heavy hearts,and eager eyes watched on  as slowly,after shocking the little heart,they managed to find a beat..Dr.Sen went to the MOM and said: "only a few beats left and then....."

MOM,insane with despair,leaped onto the side of RINA's bed and screamed :

"you hear me RINA??

you just cannot go now!!..

you don't have my permission!!..

its not time yet,CHILD!!..

it isn't,wait for daddy!!"

RINA :"let me go MOM! i'll come back,i promise..i'll come back tomorrow itself but let me go today..i am too weak and i can't feel,everything's so numb..this white light..aah!! hurts,MOM!",as she started wailing..

The nurse walked up to the MOM :"if you truly love her,let her go!! this point you are being selfish!!..just look at her..look!!she can't stand any more of the pain..let her go!!!"

The MOM nodded..

Meanwhile the dad,all dressed up and clean hurried up the flight of steps,fell down,got up again and proceeded to room 394..

He held the MOM's hand, and realising the condition, moved forward..

Now each parent was holding the little girl's arms..the MOM placed her hand over RINA's fragile heart and said:

"Go my CHILD!Go!

..Its okay,you can go!!..

we are all with you..

its been an honour having known you..

love you so much."she kissed her and fainted

DAD:"go with god my CHILD,go with god!!",tears trickilng down his cheeks..

RINA :"thank you!"


the machine confirmed their worst fears as the entire hospital gathered around and wept,their hearts echoing each other's thoughts,as they paid their respect to a CHILD of six.......

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