Thursday, 4 February 2016

My life and yours....

We all have one story that makes us great,
One story that defines us,
That broken relationship,
That death, that accident, that trauma or anything beside.
Fight has always been real, so has been death
Of all things abstract and alive.
Sometimes we traverse uncharted waters,
Trying to forget memories of past with newer ones,
But they remain with us, in our heart.
Put one hand on your heart, feel it beating,
Realise you are alive, for the world is grim; but life is not.
I cried so hard that my bones ached,
I realised that no matter what you will miss people,
That parent who died, that relationship that broke,
That dream we all hold inside of being happy
Is what will keep on burning still.
Crying is good, love yourself, your skin , your essence-
Through it, love life!!
Even I have lost my dearest friend,
The pain is real but so am I.
Pain makes weight for us all, we all hate our lives,
But we don't just die right?
Love is fleeting and so is life, but we still live.
Nothing is forever and solitude is real,
But friendship transcends all- own that film.
Music makes us emotional, let it flow, be vulnerable,
And you shall grow.
Masquerades are us, you don't show yourself do you?
C'mon then , don't lie, even though you do.
Know yourself, shed those tears,
That is a function of the eye as is to see.
Hearts are red, hate is black,
You are the rainbow of the soul that is unpacked.
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