Thursday, 19 December 2013



Suddenly all cleared up,

The sound of thine beats,

The ripples on the lake,

The whispering breeze,

Whilst our dreams float on seas.

You look beautiful, so sublime,-

And guard my dreams, like a soldier-

Cherish and nourish them,

As you make me “complete”!


For long I have cried,

My lids are swollen,

My lips, they tremble;

Drops trickle out.

You kiss it down, wipe em’ away,

The cold wind blows again.


The nostalgia of achievements grips me,

The chill runs down,

I sit up, embrace you draw you near,-

And lo-

The powers come back,

All my hidden strength,

The change of temperature,

The change of atmosphere,

I stand, chin up, bare-chested.


The world, all big and strong,

Again tries to claw me,-

Only this time, I stand.

I stand with you,

With free conscience I let myself

Get devoured by pride,

Swelling in a gale of overwhelming security.


Let’s walk by the shore, you and I,-

Singing a country song,

The melodies flying over

To seven seas and beyond.

We become one,

One in heart, one in mind.


Clarity shrouds me,

Or is that an irony too thin?

O’ never mind,-

For I have you,

Filling me to the brim.


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