Wednesday, 12 June 2013


You announce your presence,
The slashing breeze and the shrilling wind.
Your sounds remind me of an occasional harp
Of a country-side brother, stringing in solitude.
The trees sway in assurance, my mind too
I close my eyes, tiny hairs stand as the languor takes me away.

You sweep away the leer of the era,
As I feel myself coaxed and lured
In the paradise of sentience,
Interwined by your mescaline offerings.
I obey your presence, as the trees shed their lives,
Like getting trimmed by a barber.
The yellow come off, the facial's true,
As thou have obviated, obtruding it true.

The rivers vibrate as the screeching holds,
Soaked in water, are dreams manifold.
The lover holds on firm, planting a kiss,
On a fair cheek, sobbed full blue and silk.
A duck quacks, drizzle's quite still
Slashing wind makes me hold my breath still.

Nostalgia gallops watching thee,
As thou shed thine diamonds, teardrops so free.
The tin-shed gets drummed, being pummeled in time,
I remember the jays who sing so fine.

Music is making my soul inhale,
The smell of the happenings ushers in the feeling of hail.
Friends I have lost, quarreled and won,
They are my brethren now, as old time begets more.

You were the one, you trigger me on,
Where were you in moments so dark?
A human sobs more in shell,
Than what glimmers outside, it is carefully veiled.

You freeze time, my cat purrs,
The schemer now adorns the mask.
Colouring green are your drops in films,
Rejuvenates the soul, as we all crave for more.
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