Sunday, 2 June 2013


Torn I am,sad and broke,
Light I pray for,windows are closed.
Gloomy clouds weep in fear,
As throttled dreams beg so dear.
Broken glass,scattered shards,
Scarred hands and black hearts.
Senile let loose,prey on meek,
Gorging through a platform so deep.
Hugging bears escapes and fights,
As kids die and heroes' plight.
Darkness and light are the contents of my soup,
But cracked bowl shows different fools.
Schemes of my mind,masks my life,
'Is this life?',screams my mind.
Heavy brain,loitered souls,
Actions shame men,blood so cold.
Fights of dead,living too-
Exits are precious,fleeing resolved.
Holding on is what I call for,
Living for life is all I look for.
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