Sunday, 2 June 2013


Red blood,dripping..
Breaking the pin drop silence the drops danced,
Fell to the ground and the hand fell,
Lifeless body,sanity screams,
Hacked limbs and broken teeth.
Devastation pairing up with dismay ,killing hope;
Cries and wails seen manifold.
Men were killed,women too-
Left were beings with breaths to show
Curled up flowers, passion dies,
Riveting them together are the monstrous inside.
Breaking through the window,a sword glitters
Slashing darkness with magic and glitter.
Beauty is reborn with a pink smile,hope
Etches forward,fingers work fine.
A smile was painted, dark background
Souls so pleasant and crystals so sound!
Wrath and ego vanquished,soldiers of flowers wake up the meek.
Squirrels get nuts, and men friends,
The wait again, a victory manifest
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