Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Although i sobbed today, I can’t tell you why
This pain,it haunts and murders me in time.
Glistening eyes, carrying many a slashed dream;
And burdened shoulders curses me within.

I feel I am here because I’m told they care,
But when I’m down I feel so alone,
Even in this place which I know to be home.
Night descends, I lay in my bed,
With none by me, just the thoughts in my head,
I will make sure that this torture will end.
Awake i will,this time without a mask;
My past ,it haunts me,
But i will fight back up,
And proceed with this role.
The murderous past won't define me,
As i will play the starring role.

Singing myself a lullaby
I so want to sleep.
The banks are all flooded
And I can’t stop the leak.

The birds do chirp, the sun does shine;
As I build dams to keep me from death so fine.
The river finally stoped
As sleep met eyes!
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