Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Promises broken,
Care was hurt,
Friendship drowned,
As i screamed 'Dark!'
Frown became king,
As it made all still,
Anxiety turned hunter
As Envy did plunder.
Hope galloped,
With Love by his side,
To unshackle 'Freedom'
From the mistress of Plight.
War was on, a bloody one it was,
As I did stay,hoping for the lark.
Both sides were strong and duels were cruel,
Blood was filled as Life lost fuel.
Truth was strong,but so was Lie,
And i should tell you,they did put up a fight.
Light and Dark were not far back,
As Smiles killed Gloom,
And Laughter did loom.
Truth did win, as Hope now films,
My eyes did see as they danced beneath.
With the kingdom now saved, all the obnoxious Rage caged,
Happiness came back,back from Dark.
With the Dreams imprisoned,as Life got seasoned,
Life became okay as rain made way!
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