Thursday, 2 May 2013


Fondling in the lap of her mother
Like her sister and brother
Stands still through thick and thin
Having none to bother!

Summer, rainy ,winter, spring
Time travels as telephones ring.
Furniture upholsters equipped
A pen lying ink dipped.

Lulled by dreams
Caressed by nature-
Birds chirping,
And trees showering leaves like knives

Blood spilling out from her body
Death hugging her.
Still she stands strong
She keeps no fear

Plangent- the beats of her heart
Skin cursed with pellagra
Live most in dart
Wall paintings of cleopatra

Panache in her name
'The David's' to spell
Once she had her fame
Memories propel

The river now parched
The rugged bridge arched
Footprints encrypted
Emotions printed.

Night ascends
Moonlit scenery blossoms,
Imagination transcends reality,
Naked bricks glitter steadily

Huge patches of land
Attached like a ligand
Someday Will she honour be endowed?
Or will moss be her shroud?  
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