Sunday, 28 April 2013


 Rainbows I see,
Colours I hear,

But deep underneath

I wail in fear.

Humiliated ,harassed-

Withered and wet.

The struggles I faced

Have frozen my breath.

Speak i do, with a heavy heart;

The faces behind the masks haunts me far.

Vexed I am of late with fears,

Of dreams crumbling,

Of unseen tears.

Friends I have ,but are they friends?

Questions my heart as it sulks instead.

Selfish walls,

Undaunted pride,

Angels are demons,

Narcissists' in sight.


Beaten blue,

Breaking and broke,

I scream beneath,

Sinking fine.

Utopian world-thou have kept me alive;-

Oxygen for my soul

When it fights to survive.

Questioning the rules ,I get killed-

By mundane logic and geriatric dreams.

Depressed am I;

Exhausted too;

Sanity screaming for satiety,

Gets answered with plight!!

Although the folk have turned their backs,

Shattered pieces lay intact.

Gluing them together, I have resumed my fight-

Hoping Newton's Third law won't fail this time.

Hitting back hard is all I think,

To the walls and people who made me steel.

Win I must for I deserve quite a few,

With my new brother "Vendetta" as it guides me still!!

Winning battles, slashing pain;

Uncorked dreams, dancing in pain!

Show them i must,

For Their beauty is divine,
As glorious fights  compensate my cries.
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