Thursday, 18 April 2013


Can't we cut the strings to reality?
That entangles us in the web of dilemma,
Whipping our mind like a slayer in frenzy,
Tormenting the soul like a twister let loose.

Vexed am i with the passing fad,
For it traumatizes me.
When shall the shroud of darkness elude
Granting me liberty to sway into fascination?
The friend in mind overpowers the friend in reality,
As the mind gets soothed by the lull of my utopia

But in the deafening silence, my conscience screams-
As it questions - "Shall we ever try to unshackle the chain of reality?"
Cause the mind, when ponders, shrivels
At the aftermath of conceited pleasure, bringing anguish.

Torn between these two worlds,i am depressed
They both magnetize me.
Choosing at this unsteady juncture,
Is like choosing between mom and dad.

So i lie feigned by reality,fooled by imagination,
Not knowing which road to take,
I stand at the fork,crying in vain..

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