Friday, 22 February 2013


Have faith cause you are a man,
Have faith for you have fought..
Have faith in yourself cause you are “YOU”,
Even if at times, you prefer a different “you”…

Never give up, cause you are tough,
Never look back, for you won’t be “YOUNG”.
Never yield to pressure, cause then you’ll be null
Never be sad, cause you are “THE ONE”…

Its okay to be scared, for you are a man,
Its okay to cry cause you do have a heart.
Its okay to take a stand, even if it makes you “one”,
Its okay to be “you”, and not be “one within none”…

Forgive cause you deserve to be free,
Forget for you want peace.
Feel alive, make the most of the moment-
Live, let live and “BE PRESENT”…

Speak out, never hold back-
Speak out, cause you need to breathe..
Speak out for its okay to err
Speak out, cause you want people near…

Live a life that’s full of “LIFE”,
Don’t live it just to be alive.
Feel free, explore and travel-
Never back down, for you ain’t “Little"...

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