Friday, 22 February 2013


Too weak is the human heart,
Controlling the face,it breaks inside-
Waging a war against ego,it gets crippled
As it flaunts on the skin with a smile

Let go of regret,
It kills more than it builds..
Deep-rooted sorrow
Making you weaker still..
Let go of anger,
Expressions needn't make sense,
Take the first thought by the neck,drive it home-
Even if you require a new road

Be positively jealous,
And we all feel lonely,dont cry-
There's nothing wrong in feeling hurt,
All that matters is whether you want to "stay hurt!"

Nothin's complex,Nothin's simple
They're the sides of the same coin
The way you look at life
Makes you a boy in distress
Or a man underneath...
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