Wednesday, 9 January 2013


 The silence emanating from night whispers your name,
 I seek relief for i'm being torn apart by the barriers of distance
 It traumatizes me....
 The futility of brutal reality setting us apart
 Haunts me down as we fear to part..                                                                 

 Like a streak of light, like a glimmer of hope,
 Like the sparkling smile of an angel
 The aroma of your love has rippled my heart's core....
 Forsaken am i without you, empty is my mind
 I wanted our love to flourish, your warmth all the time.
 Thinking of you, an hour seems like a second,
The whispers of your  breath  floated me in the seventh heaven!

 The birds twitter your stories, the flowers are jealous of you,
 Eluding from my mind, are words to describe you....
 Bouts of excitement lashes my  mind ,
 The wish to see your face again rips my  mind  like a slayer in mad frenzy.....

 As i fall in shortage of time to think of you,
 I wish the days last longer;
 But i  realise in vain that not even my tears
 Could wake you up from the grave once again!!

 As river meets the seas, as day merges with night,
 My life will forever be incomplete----
 Without your arms around mine!!

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