Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Never have i thought of death,
Always it seemed a distant friend.
A friend that seldom invited query-
A friend i never bothered to unfriend..
Never for once did his presence arouse fear,
Never till now did i consider his presence
Then why am i bothered now by the excruciating     desire to run??
Is it because the light fades from me??

An assassin to the weak,
A slaughterer to the meek,
Causing minds to crumble,
He walks along unhumbled..
The pragmatic mind calls him “death!”
The vexed mind calls him same
But i beg to differ from all
As i dare to call him “friend!”

An aura of dominance shrouding him,-
He walks on untamed,
Cutting the wick to life
The phlegmatic rider rides on...

Lying on the bed i now recaptulate
The beauty of Your vales and seas,
With my wick beginning to shorten,
Giving him the scissors to the deed....
No longer can i withstand the pain,
It cripples me,
Your intricate designs of the earth
Has finally dawned upon me..
Is this Thine magic spell?
Is this the truth sought by the sages?
I see it now,-
As clear as crystal,
As pure as water,
So allow me to embrace you!!

Eccentric as it may sound,
I have enjoyed the rider’s presence
The best teacher i have found at life’s fag end
Has cut the blinds of the window to heaven!!....
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